Haley Dreis, Singer/Songwriter

Get a behind the scenes look at my latest album "20/20"

These carefully crafted songs with a folk, country, pop feel share my perspective on life since the wild year of 2020.

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Meet Haley Dreis

Hey there, I’m Haley – I’m flattered you’re here! 🙂


My music career started when I begged my mom for a violin when I was six years old. Luckily, I stuck with it and I continued my high school studies at North Carolina School of the Arts and college at University of South Carolina Honors College as a violin performance major. In college, I made the switch from classical music to songwriting when I fell in love with composing music. I picked up the guitar and started writing folksy pop songs about deep realizations about love, life, and everything in between.


Writing and performing my songs has led me down an incredible journey. I’ve written and recorded 100+ songs for myself and others, including five albums to date that I’ve released independently. I’ve had the pleasure of touring across the U.S. and Europe and sharing my music with listeners, like you, alongside national acts We The Kings, Tonic, Edwin McCain, Toby Lightman, Chris Barron (of Spin Doctors), and Kirk Franklin. I’ve been honored to grace the stage at legendary venues such as Grand Ole Opry, Bluebird Cafe (Nashville), Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles), Bitter End (NYC), and Eddie’s Attic (Decatur, GA).

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my fifth and latest album, 20/20. I wrote and recorded these four songs to make sense of life since 2020 and share my perspective with you. That time certainly forced us all to think differently about our lives, including the ways we connect with each other.

So I’d like for you to have this music in your hands and experience these songs with me. 🙂

Learn about the songs, their meaning, and why they were included on the album.

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