Limited Edition ‘Astronaut’ CD – Signed


Get the limited edition, signed hard copy of ‘Astronaut’

so that you can show everyone you were with Haley since day one 🙂

• ‘I traveled the world with Haley Dreis!’ commemorative sticker

• includes digital lyric booklet
• signed by Haley
• only 200 copies available

This is a hard copy of my fourth album ‘Astronaut.’ It was a two year endeavor recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles and was made possible by my incredible ‘Kickstartians’ and producer Lennon Leppert.

I was inspired to write about the places where music has brought me and I wanted to share that with you. In this album, I’ll take you around the world as we explore the universe, and discover new facets along the way – hopefully experiences real and familiar to you, too.

Because this was made possible by listeners like you, I want to commemorate this experience and that we’ve traveled the world together! With your limited edition copy, your album – one of only 200 copies – will be marked with a commemorative sticker and a digital lyric booklet so that you can experience the journey with me.

When you receive a CD, not only are you getting the music, but you’ll be getting every drop of love poured into the lyrics, artwork, and the package that arrives at your door by yours truly 🙂



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